Columbine Capital Services is a resource for portfolio managers. For more than three decades some of the world’s most successful professional investors have relied on quantitative research from Columbine Capital Services to augment their stock selection. Why do these experienced portfolio managers and analysts integrate Columbine Capital’s rankings into their decision-making process? Why should you?

  • Efficiency — Quantitative measures can improve the efficiency of your decision-making process, providing an effective way of combating information overload. For example, using Columbine Capital’s rankings as a “first cut” at a large universe of stocks lets you focus your own analysis on a short list of high-potential candidates.
  • Objectivity — Quantitative tools can help add discipline to your investment process. Columbine Capital’s analytical tools don’t fall in love with companies or make arbitrary decisions; they react only to a company’s numbers, not hype.
  • Consistency — Columbine Capital’s rankings are the result of the application of exactly the same step-by-step analytical process to every company, every time. This allows direct comparisons between one company and another, the key to superior investment results.
  • Performance — In the highly competitive business of investment management small differences in return can have big payoffs. Columbine Capital’s research allows you to receive the benefit from state-of-the-art, alpha-forecasting tools.

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