International Database

The Ford International Database provides broad common stock coverage across both developed and emerging markets. Data is updated twice monthly from Worldscope and run through Ford’s proprietary models.

The international data include the Ford quality rating, projected growth rate, normal earnings, dividend discount model valuation, growth persistence rating and price momentum. The data also include select fundamental data as well as standard financial metrics such as price/earnings, price/cash flow, price/book, current ratio, long-term debt-to-equity, earnings growth rates, and return on equity.

Historical Database

Ford International Historical Data offers the opportunity to view, build and back-test factors and multi-factor models. The international historical data begins in 1987, with as reported data dating from December 1992.


The Ford International Database is provided as a text file for easy programming into our clients' internal analysis systems. In addition, our data is available on our Epic software application or through data integrators including FactSet Research and Thomson Reuters MarketQA. 

International Standard File Specification 

Canadian Database

The Ford Canadian Database covers more than 400 companies. With daily frequency, the database contains data collected by Ford Equity Research and matches our U.S. database in terms of data item availability. The database is available in text file format. 

Canadian Standard File Specification