Database Overview | U.S. Historical Database

The Ford Equity Research U.S. Historical Database, which has a monthly frequency dating from 1970 and a daily frequency since 2003, covers more than 200 data items across common stocks. All of the data was collected from publicly available sources and stored as it was collected. This makes the Ford Equity Research database well suited to historical performance testing and research model or strategy development. Information is stored as of the date reported and historical data is never restated. This allows historical simulations to be performed using data known at the time. Data files are also maintained on companies that are no longer in existence, thereby eliminating survivorship bias.


The U.S. Historical Database is delivered directly in customized file formats in order to fit our clients' analysis system requirements. In addition, the database is integrated into the research platforms of other leading investment industry providers including FactSet and Thomson Reuters Market QA.

Customized Services

With our extensive experience in data and model validation, we have the ability to proved customized research services for our clients. Ford Equity Research consults on a range of needs, from development and back-testing of a new customized model or analytic to the validation of a client's model or investment strategy. We strive to determine the most cost-effective and appropriate solutions for our clients, and attend to every request with the same level of quality and integrity that we demand of our own internal testing procedures.