Our Products

We offer a full range of quantitative resources designed to assist investment managers in making more informed, more efficient decisions.

Current and Historical Databases

The Ford Equity Research database tracks stocks across the spectrum of market capitalization and investment styles in both domestic and international equity markets. We cover more than 4,000 companies, including approximately 400 U.S.-traded foreign issues and another 400 Canadian companies. Our database, which has a monthly frequency dating back to 1970 and daily frequency since 2003, covers more than 200 data items across common stocks.

Stock Selection Models

Investment Managers across the industry choose our stock selection models because of our meticulous data and the reliability of our results. During its development, each Ford Equity model is diligently back-tested and validated using our high-quality data. We provide a full complement of models to suit any investment style and goal, including value, earnings momentum, price momentum, and multi-factor models. Additionally, we provide several quality measures designed to assist in the assessment of risk.

Individual Stock Rating Reports

Ford employs its unique approach to investment research to produce individual stock ratings on more than 4,000 companies. The Ford Equity Research investment process evaluates the relative performance potential of stocks by classifying them based on a complementary set of factors we have developed and refined over many years. These measures give valuable insight into earning trends, relative value, and timeliness. Each week, we distill these factors into clear and concise recommendation reports that help investors make informed investment decisions.

Model Portfolios

Each month we publish model portfolios that present the top investment prospects based on our value/momentum methodology. These portfolios, which are applied to our U.S., ADR (U.S. based foreign companies), and Canadian stock databases, illustrates the usefulness of a systematic investment process based on our stock selection models.

Investment Methodology

Ford's extensive research into the measurement and market effects of share buybacks led to the development of the share buyback methodology that is employed in the BuyBack Achievers Index, which is licensed to Invesco Powershares for the BuyBack Achievers ETF.

Accessing our Data and Research

Ford data and research is available through our proprietary analysis systems, by data files that can be incorporated into your system, or through the following equity research system providers:

  • Intrinsic Research Systems
  • Thomson Reuters MarketQA
  • Markit Research Manager
  • FactSet Research Systems