Company Overview

Ford Equity Research is an independent investment research firm delivering unbiased, high-quality fundamental data, stock selection models, stock ratings and analytical tools to investment professionals. Our mandate is straightforward: to improve the investment performance of our clients. For 40 years, investment firms ranging from boutiques to global asset managers have placed their trust in Ford Equity Research.

We've built our longstanding reputation as an industry leader by dedicating our efforts to providing the data resources that enable our clients to generate and execute on their best ideas. Further, our products are delivered with the quality, accuracy and timeliness that is paramount to keeping our clients on the leading edge of the market's shifting opportunities.

Our Core Values: Independence and Accountability

We recognize that our clients' ability to execute appropriate buy/sell decisions hinges on having the most reliable information possible. In our four decades in the industry, we have established our trustworthiness as an independent research provider by being accountable only to ourselves and our clients. Moreover, Ford Equity Research continues to be steadfastly unbiased by management stories and sell side rationales, and remains unaffiliated with any investment banking, brokerage or trade execution service.