Timothy R. Alward, CFA, President and CEO
Analyst-Portfolio Manager, Argus Investment Management 1988-1994. Regional Director, EF Hutton & Co. Inc., 1980-1988.
BS, Central Michigan University. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Mr. Alward has been involved in the financial markets for the past 36 years and has highly developed expertise in quantitative stock selection techniques. Since joining Ford Equity Research in 1994, Mr. Alward has been responsible for the successful development and implementation of many of Ford’s stock selection methods and decision making tools. Under his guidance, research on value, earnings, sales, and price momentum models; earnings estimates, operating earnings yield, share buyback, stock splits and various fundamental and technical factors have been published and integrated by Ford clients. Mr. Alward frequently contributes to articles in the financial press and speaks regularly at industry conferences. Prior to joining Ford Equity Research, Mr. Alward held positions as an analyst and portfolio manager with Argus Investment Management, where he developed value and earnings momentum disciplines to manage asset for institutions, private clients and domestic hedge funds. Mr. Alward also quantified many investment disciplines as Regional Director of EF Hutton’s Consulting Service Division where he was responsible for the selection and allocation of assets to money managers. He has also held positions of vice president, branch manager, stock and commodity broker in the brokerage industry.

Richard Segarra, CFA, COO, Director of Research.
Analyst, William O'Neil & Associates/New USA Fund, 1987-1995.
BS, Chapman University. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

With over 25 years of experience in equity research, Richard Segarra retains a depth of knowledge of the investment industry. Mr. Segarra became Director of Research of Ford Equity Research in 1995 and was named Chief Operating Officer after the company was acquired by Mergent in 2004. Prior to joining Ford, he was an equity analyst and portfolio manager with William O’Neil & Associates. He is responsible for Ford’s data systems, equity model development and published research. Some of his accomplishments include the development of robust equity models (including the Ford Value/Momentum model) and the design and implementation of successful investment methodologies. 

William Neill, CFA, Vice President of Program Development.
BA, University of California, San Diego. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Sales and Client Support

David Hargett, CFA, Sales Manager
Managing Director, Intrinsic Research Systems
Analyst-Portfolio Manager, Alder Management 2001-2002.
Managing Director, StockVal, 1992-2001.
BS, Arizona State University. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).